" Consider me a companion on the spiritual path, a loving bolt of clarity to help you get inspired, remember the magic, and live a life you love."

Work With Me

“People just like you come to me for loving nudges, wake-up calls, and the occasional kick in the tushie. Ready for clarity, presence, deep connection, and levity?”

Who I am

“This isn’t just my day job. I am at my very best when I am helping others live their purpose and reconnect to their truth. I offer fierce compassion, and loving truthfulness. I am sweet with a dash of spicy.”

Heartfelt Praise

I have the best clients. From high-level execs to stay-at-home moms and fellow psychics, they make me feel blessed and grateful to be able to do what I do. Here’s what they say…

Videos and Meditation Samples

Soulprint Of Creation

Soul print Of Creation

SEE – Sarah Elizabeth Entrup

SEE – Sarah speaks about her work.

The Soulprint of Creation

The Soulprint of Creation

Our Imperfect Perfection

Our Imperfect Perfection

Feminine Essence Meditation

Feminine Essence – Meditation Sample

Presence Meditation

Presence – Meditation Sample

Spiritual Awareness Meditation

Spiritual Awareness – Meditation Sample