You are ready to embody more of your soul’s information and power!

You are ready to go deeper. You are ready for a new perspective to help you tap into those unknown, unhealed places that are holding you back from more fully embodying who you truly are.

You are ready to be held in a powerful sacred container, where what was not possible on your own, can shift with ease and grace.

I will help you awaken more of your internal resources, more of your capacity. This way you do not need to try harder out there to manifest your joy or abundance or purpose in the world. It becomes a journey of awakening the richness of your soul, and trusting it more and more.

Past explorations have covered and resolved topics such as:

  • Personal relationships
  • Your life karma
  • Business strategies and programs
  • Using and enhancing your own psychic abilities
  • Healing your life
  • Creating your life
  • Aligning life to your heart
  • Uncovering your pleasure
  • Manifesting money and your dreams
  • Monetizing your vision while helping others
Our time together will be fully customized to you, your life and its challenges, and where you’d like to be when our time together is complete.

So if you are:

1. Truly ready to transform

2. On a path of awakening already but want to go deeper

3. Financially sound and ready to fully commit to yourself

4. Take full responsibility for your role in creating  and healing your own life

5. Yearning for greater support

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Enter your info below and tell me more about what you’re interested in working on and I’ll follow up!

I’ve had many intuitive sessions in my life, and this one was by far the most accurate, laser-beam focused, and loving session I’ve ever had.  Within minutes of speaking with Sarah, she went straight into the core of my deepest energetic blind spot and completely helped me bring awareness to what has been going on ‘behind the curtain’. I was amazed and relieved of the outcome- she offered many tools and solutions to transform the old energies I’ve been holding my whole life.  Thank the Goddess for you, Sarah!!

L. N.

I decided to work with Sarah to help me navigate though the biggest transition of my life.  Everything from my small business, to health challenges and a failed relationship were providing me with immense challenges and opportunities for growth. I didn’t want to go through this intense experience solo and wanted to work with someone who I could trust. Sarah offered very practical guidance, advice and practices that I would use in between our weekly calls that gave me the structure and firm, but loving support I needed to “weather the storm”.  She listened with tremendous empathy, objectivity and offered unbelievable insights due to her uncanny intuition.  She provided me with exactly what I needed to get back on track and achieve the outcomes I intended. I definitely recommend Sarah to anyone in major transition seeking guidance and support. 

Ray Brejcha

Mill Valley, CA

To say that Sarah has saved my life would be an understatement.  She has helped me connect with the deepest, most powerful aspect of my own heart and spirit, and in so doing, has given me a sense of purpose and joy that I have never before experienced. I now am able to enjoy seeing the LIGHT of everything in my world…no judgement, simply appreciation for the gift of the moment.  Sarah has helped me throw off the shackles of my previously perceived drudgery, fear and state of ennui. I LOVE this woman!  What an amazing, brilliant treasure!  Sarah is a beacon… beckoning and guiding our own transformations. Thank you, Sarah!!!

Mondy Polka

Oklahoma City, OK

Recently, I embarked upon my most dangerous and personal journey with Sarah (so far): an ongoing intensive one-on-one “life makeover” coaching relationship. Absolutely everything is on the table–family and relationship, health and nutrition, work and money—you name it, we go there. Informed by her innate wisdom and intuition, Sarah pushes me lovingly to my edge. While our sessions, on their own, are fulfilling, grounding, and entertaining, the most powerful work occurs in the space between. I have the courage and fortitude to do what I must do because I know without doubt that Sarah is behind and underneath and around me, holding me and my intentions energetically in a manner impossible to describe. It has been a profound period of transformation for me and I am most certainly not the same woman I was when we began.

I trust Sarah beyond The Beyond and back. I am a new and improved human being thanks largely to our connection. Do yourself an enormous favor: experience who You are in the presence and influence of this most remarkable woman, Sarah Entrup.

Holly LeMaster

Denver, CO

Sarah is a fairy godmother. She wears angel wings and is full of sparkle and light and love and real down to earthness. I’ve had the honor to work with Sarah for the last year and half and am addicted to her ;-). In just one conversation with Sarah, she opened me to total clarity on my purpose. In being open to receiving that I got an incredible download from the universe the following 3 days. It was the most beautiful, enlightening experience and ever since I have been on an incredible trajectory of clarity, opening, and coming into my calling. I love me some Sarah!

What I especially love about Sarah is she is no holds barred but in the most feminine (loving and soft) way. She gets straight to the issue and then she provides tools, direction, and next steps to break through, break free and move onto what is next.

Genna Mori

I was skeptical about working with Sarah. I didn’t understand what she did. I didn’t understand how she was going to help me. And I certainly didn’t understand how she was going to help me over the phone. Luckily I was willing to take a chance. Within minutes I was saying to myself, “Holy crap. How does this woman know this stuff about me?” Her presence, direction and sense of humor filled a void that previous therapists, coaches and healers had missed. I refer men and women to Sarah frequently. I trust her completely. She embodies what she teaches, and our work together continues to positively impact me to this day.

Tripp Lanier


I count the work and play that I have done with Sarah Entrup over the years to be some of the most transformative times of my life. If that sounds big and grand, it is because it is true! The lovely thing about working with Sarah is that her enthusiasm, humanity, and huge heart generosity make wildly large shifts in one’s life feel real, safe, and absolutely doable. She brings the miraculous into the field of reality for many people in her group work and in her private sessions. She is an absolutely trustworthy guide and teacher. Sarah sees spirit in a very special way and is always committed to the spirit in all things, the pleasure of the flowering of spirit in our daily lives. I have been blessed to have Sarah in my life, and know that I am more myself thanks to her gifts of magic.

Beth Lorio

Portland, OR

Sarah Entrup is one of the greatest coaches I know! She embodies the feminine goddess, elevates me to my greatest potential, and ‘sees’ me, the authentic me. She doesn’t put up with any BS and more importantly, she doesn’t let ME put up with my own BS. My greatest cheerleader, mentor, and confidant!

Trina Rowsell

Life Coach

If you are reading these words, Sarah Entrup has come into your life for a reason. I can’t even begin to express what her guidance, input and inspiration has meant in my life. Sarah will look into your heart and see your best self, the person you really want to be, and help you get there. Her light is brilliant; she is a gifted seer and healer. She is candid, humorous and down to earth. Let her help you shine your light brightly.

Heidi Russell

Sarah Entrup is a brilliant clairvoyant who is able to very quickly access and help you transform past life patterns that are in the way of having mental, emotional, and physical freedom.

I have worked with her myself and have recommended her to friends and family who have also had favorable results.

Dr. Toni Galardi

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