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It is time!

Join the circle- and receive a 21-Day Path to Pleasure meditation
series to help awaken the divine feminine within you!

There is a sacred way deep within the feminine that lies beneath the everyday; beneath the story, beneath the emotion, beneath the body, beneath the karma. She is deep. She is ready to be stirred, awakened, and freed.

There is a way in which a woman can dive deeply into her own being to learn, to discover, to uncover, and awaken herself. Everything she longs for truly is within her. She is not the key to the universe, She is the universe itself!

Do you know how to access her? Do you know where to find her? We cannot afford to talk a big game. We cannot afford to act like we are connected to our power and our strength and yet do nothing to change the course of our lives and humanity!

True awakening is not for the faint of heart! It takes great courage to harness the power of your Soul and craft your life from this place! It takes great courage to be kind, to love, to change, to grow!

Be brave sister! Please, be brave!


Current Offerings



Heal Your Mother Wound

Our Mother wound often presents itself as a glass ceiling in our lives. Healing it and releasing the pain of our Mothers gives us permission to fully embody who we are.

In this this powerful 3-day mini course, we will guide your unconscious awareness come into alignment and more fully release any wounds. You will be working in your dream space at night, immersing yourself in a guided audio class and meditation during the day, and your sub-space will be shifting/getting worked on throughout the day as well.

Course Dates: May 12-14, 2017


Free the She Membership

Free the She™ membership is an ongoing program for women that want to develop a regular practice of clearing their energy, claiming their freedom, and manifesting powerful creations in the world.

Women who are free have the ability to create structures, rhythms, and ways of life that are generative, nourishing, and in service to humanity.

Open enrollment.


Waves of Love Project

Would you like to help right now? Would you like to feel like you are actively doing something to better the planet and the human condition around the world? Every Thursday at 9am Pacific Time, as a collective group, we will commit to stopping wherever we are and do a 4-minute meditation to join your sisters in blasting waves of love around the planet. This is one small expression of spiritual activism. When we are in sync with thousands of other ladies around the globe, all blasting love at the exact same time, generating a Wave of Love, that is POWERFUL!

Join us anytime.




Free the She™ Transformational Retreat

The first annual Free the She Retreat is a powerful sacred container where we will thin the veils between the physical and spiritual planes, to reach across the threshold in search of divine nuggets of wisdom and insight on how we can fully awaken and Free the She- for ourselves and all of humanity! Now it is time to join forces and fully awaken to all of who we are, together.

August 3-6, 2017 in Mendocino CA

More details to come…..Reserve your spot now! 


Signature Programs


30 Days of Meditation

Sarah’s most powerful offering for grounding into your deepest self and gaining the tools you need to stay there. 

A 30-day, guided journey of transformation!


Private Sessions


Clairvoyant Readings, Healings, and Coaching

Private sessions are for you if:

  • You are truly ready to transform
  • You are on a path of awakening already but want to go deeper
  • You are financially sound and ready to fully commit to yourself
  • You take full responsibility for your role in creating and healing your life
  • You are yearning for greater support

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