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Sarah destroys illusions, opens doors, and creates possibilities previously unimagined. She sees your highest potential even when you cannot. She is the warmest, funniest, most grounded, compassionate, embodied, no-nonsence, authentic teacher I’ve come across.

Her clairvoyance and communication with unseen realms is evident, but she remains totally accessible as a person and doesn’t make a big song and dance about the things I can’t necessarily wrap my head around. She integrates everything seamlessly in her communication and makes the path of transformation and growth totally possible for everyone. Change is inevitable in life- working with Sarah has made it a fascinating journey of self-discovery rather than a scary process of feeling untethered and uncertain.

I would recommend anyone who desires MORE- of anything, on any level- to do this work! Sarah is a master manifester and magnetizer and she will teach you to be the same.

And besides all that, she is quite simply one of the loveliest human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Alia Beeton

Multi-Disciplinary Performance Artist and Writer

Working with Sarah arrived at a perfect time in my life; A time of moving from dreaming to creating and being ready to dive deeply into any of the roadblocks to achieving the truest and most powerful sense of living my truth.  Sarah’s Creatrix Program and private coaching calls have been so inspiring on this path to creation.  She is amazingly intuitive and has made some incredibly powerful connections for me to move beyond my blocks and into creating.  I have found so much value from her group calls and private sessions.  Her passion for going deep within and honoring the power of the feminine is inspiring and magnetic.  Sarah is a true gift and I highly recommend her work to all!

Nicole Fugo Zibelman, LAc -

Entering the container of the Creatrix is a whole lot of fun! as well as taking you to some edges and being supported through to the other side! I have come to understand that for me to create and manifest my big visions I have to have capacity to do that. So operating at 30-40% energy, being full of other peoples energy and not being connected to the highest vibe version of myself will not cut it! Sarah was quite clear about this :). I am now on the road with this, which without the Creatrix I would have taken a lot longer to get there and may not have committed to and made the big changes needed to get to a different level of energy and capacity. I can feel what I want to do emerging clearly now and its way bigger than I first thought so although its scary and daunting its hugely aligned with my biggest purpose on this planet so I feel very energised and clear.

Jackie Thoms -

Co-Founder & Director, World Changers & Co

Sarah Entrup is one of the greatest coaches I know! She embodies the feminine goddess, elevates me to my greatest potential, and ‘sees’ me, the authentic me. She doesn’t put up with any BS and more importantly, she doesn’t let ME put up with my own BS. My greatest cheerleader, mentor, and confidant!

Trina Rowsell -

Life Coach

In a word, Sarah is wonderful. I have experienced many expansive guided meditations and sessions that have been key in helping transform my life. I am always grateful and amazed by her insights and ability to cut through resistance. As she continues to grow as a person what she offers is evolving and I love that. I want people on my personal success team who are at their finest, ready for more: more love, more joy, more amazement, more creation, more fruition. Sarah embodies that and has helped me do the same. Love that woman!

Joanne Beattie

Family Nurse Practitioner and LifeCoach

If you are reading these words, Sarah Entrup has come into your life for a reason. I can’t even begin to express what her guidance, input and inspiration has meant in my life. Sarah will look into your heart and see your best self, the person you really want to be, and help you get there. Her light is brilliant; she is a gifted seer and healer. She is candid, humorous and down to earth. Let her help you shine your light brightly.

Heidi Russell -

Sarah is a fairy godmother. She wears angel wings and is full of sparkle and light and love and real down to earthness. I’ve had the honor to work with Sarah for the last year and half and am addicted to her ;-). In just one conversation with Sarah, she opened me to total clarity on my purpose. In being open to receiving that I got an incredible download from the universe the following 3 days. It was the most beautiful, enlightening experience and ever since I have been on an incredible trajectory of clarity, opening, and coming into my calling. I love me some Sarah!

What I especially love about Sarah is she is no holds barred but in the most feminine (loving and soft) way. She gets straight to the issue and then she provides tools, direction, and next steps to break through, break free and move onto what is next.

Genna Mori -

I’ve had the grand privilege to Play and Work under and within the masterful guidance of Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Entrup in so many different places and forms over the years.

She led me, and a tribe of other Wild Women, dancing and sitting and soaring through the Costa Rican rain forest; she guided me, and an expedition of other spiritual explorers, through the vortices of Sedona to meditate and run our energy at the top of the world (if you want to fly high, she told me there, you have to go deep); she made me, and groups of other curious adventurers, pump the Fire Breath until the Fire Breath breathed new life into us (and again and again). Countless times, she’s grounded and guided and taught and held the space and held the space and held the space for both intimate and expansive explorations of endless facets of consciousness. She’s created communion in a virtual circle of women (who were located physically across the continent) so powerful and so real that we could reach out and touch the shoulders of the goddesses “sitting” next to us.

Recently, I embarked upon my most dangerous and personal journey with Sarah (so far): an ongoing intensive one-on-one “life makeover” coaching relationship. Absolutely everything is on the table–family and relationship, health and nutrition, work and money—you name it, we go there. Informed by her innate wisdom and intuition, Sarah pushes me lovingly to my edge. While our sessions, on their own, are fulfilling, grounding, and entertaining, the most powerful work occurs in the space between. I have the courage and fortitude to do what I must do because I know without doubt that Sarah is behind and underneath and around me, holding me and my intentions energetically in a manner impossible to describe. It has been a profound period of transformation for me and I am most certainly not the same woman I was when we began.

I trust Sarah beyond The Beyond and back. I am a new and improved human being thanks largely to our connection. Do yourself an enormous favor: experience who You are in the presence and influence of this most remarkable woman, Sarah Entrup.

Holly LeMaster -

Denver, CO

Sarah is a gifted intuitive who has helped me move through several difficult life passages. She has a profoundly unique point of view, and her readings are thought provoking and life-shifting. She is sensitive, intelligent, and uninhibited, and sparkles with energy. Working with Sarah was a mystical and deeply spiritual experience for me.

Dr. Greg Lowen

Spokane, WA

I have worked with a lot of amazing healers and Sarah is one of the most powerful healers/psychics I have ever met! She has an honest, clear, no nonsense approach to getting to the root of the issue and guiding me through to the other side. I would recommend her work to anyone who is really ready to shift and transform. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life!

Liesel Rigsby -

Bali, Indonesia

Sarah has had a profound impact on my life.  After years of struggling with trying to understand myself, my patterns, my relationships…through working one on one with Sarah I have been guided into a much higher level of self-awareness than I have ever had before.   This has profoundly affected my life experience.  Self-awareness is key and she has a deep and unique talent for seeing things that we get totally lost in or disconnected from.  In addition, I have found her guided meditation groups to be a hugely transformational experience.  I have participated in a number of these and every time I develop a deeper and more embodied relationship to my body, my Spirit, my chakras and my Heart.  The sum total of all the ways she has worked with me is that I am just way more alive and so much more open to the fullness of my life experience, myself and everything that is arising within and without.

Sorel Dietzler

San Diego, CA

I was skeptical about working with Sarah. I didn’t understand what she did. I didn’t understand how she was going to help me. And I certainly didn’t understand how she was going to help me over the phone. Luckily I was willing to take a chance. Within minutes I was saying to myself, “Holy crap. How does this woman know this stuff about me?” Her presence, direction and sense of humor filled a void that previous therapists, coaches and healers had missed. I refer men and women to Sarah frequently. I trust her completely. She embodies what she teaches, and our work together continues to positively impact me to this day.

Tripp Lanier -

I count the work and play that I have done with Sarah Entrup over the years to be some of the most transformative times of my life. If that sounds big and grand, it is because it is true! The lovely thing about working with Sarah is that her enthusiasm, humanity, and huge heart generosity make wildly large shifts in one’s life feel real, safe, and absolutely doable. She brings the miraculous into the field of reality for many people in her group work and in her private sessions. She is an absolutely trustworthy guide and teacher. Sarah sees spirit in a very special way and is always committed to the spirit in all things, the pleasure of the flowering of spirit in our daily lives. I have been blessed to have Sarah in my life, and know that I am more myself thanks to her gifts of magic.

Beth Lorio -

Portland, OR

To say that Sarah has saved my life would be an understatement.  She has helped me connect with the deepest, most powerful aspect of my own heart and spirit, and in so doing, has given me a sense of purpose and joy that I have never before experienced.  I now am able to enjoy seeing the LIGHT of everything in my world…no judgement, simply appreciation for the gift of the moment.   Sarah has helped me throw off the shackles of my previously perceived drudgery, fear and state of ennui.  I LOVE this woman!  What an amazing, brilliant treasure!  Sarah is a beacon… beckoning and guiding our own transformations.  Thank you, Sarah!!!

Mondy Polka

Oklahoma City, OK

I decided to work with Sarah to help me navigate though the biggest transition of my life.  Everything from my small business, to health challenges and a failed relationship were providing me with immense challenges and opportunities for growth. I didn’t want to go through this intense experience solo and wanted to work with someone who I could trust. Sarah offered very practical guidance, advice and practices that I would use in between our weekly calls that gave me the structure and firm, but loving support I needed to “weather the storm”.  She listened with tremendous empathy, objectivity and offered unbelievable insights due to her uncanny intuition.  She provided me with exactly what I needed to get back on track and achieve the outcomes I intended. I definitely recommend Sarah to anyone in major transition seeking guidance and support.

Ray Brejcha

Mill Valley, CA

I had the great fortune of being introduced to Sarah in 2009. While Sarah was more ‘out there’ than other professionals I had worked with, any concerns were swiftly allayed in our first meeting. As I see it, Sarah helps people bring their spirit and bodies into alignment to live a purposeful and enjoyable life. It was clear from our first session that she could help me on that path as she so fully embodies those principles herself.  Her voice alone conveyed her unique capacity for healing work. It is a voice that cascades as a waterfall; one of joy, compassion, wisdom, power and mirth.

My work with Sarah has been both in groups and individual sessions. I have done Sarah’s 30-Day Meditation series for three consecutive years and look forward to the next. It is a great way to start the year with a sense of purpose surrounded by a powerful, caring community. The recorded meditations are a great resource throughout the year as is the continuum, which carries the group through the year on a monthly interval.

I have benefited greatly from our individual sessions as well. Sarah has identified blocks and opportunities in my fundamental structure and she has empowered me to make valuable shifts. In addition to this deeply personal work, she teaches techniques that can be applied in all areas of life. Not a week, and usually not a day, goes by where I don’t use one of her arsenal of images such as roses, golden light and grounding cords. Grounding cords and golden light have gotten me from mile 11 to mile 13.1 of a half marathon and from mile 1 to 3 of daily runs that weren’t my best. Roses have helped me in airports, stressful meetings and any difficult situation where I needed to be sure not to retain others’ energies.

One important final note. While Sarah is a healer with deep powers and true caring, she also knows how to play, when to be light, and while remaining respectful, how to bring a bit of insouciance or irreverence and humor to this incredible journey of life.

Sasha Charney

Portland, OR

My work with Sarah has helped me to fully express my essential self that is joyful, has unbridled passion and embraces my gifts. It has given me the tools to be a skillful executive, a powerful leader and to care about the earth and its people.

Sarah is elegant, wholesome, playful and brilliant. Her clairvoyance allows her navigate and guide you quickly to places of healing that will propel you forward- to transform everything in your life. She wastes no time.

Through her healings, classes and 30- day meditations, I have created a magical and mystical experience in everyday life. I have gained Spiritual knowledge, an understanding about why we are here, a way of living that embraces good health on every level and a new relationship with my body. Working with Sarah is simply a joy.

Debra Paul

Sausalito, CA

Working with Sarah has been fun & funny, inspiring & grounding. When we first connected to do the coaching, I already had some good chunks of buddhist based psychotherapy & psychic training in my past but was in a place of feeling stuck beyond stuck. It has been such a gift to be able to connect with someone who can navigate the energetic & human realms with such clarity, punch, & grace. She has really helped me to return to a place of honor within myself, kept the ship steering in a good direction, & given me a backboard to bounce off a lot of my spiritual & new age confusions. Things are moving again…

Stephanie Yount

Oakland, CA

Listening to Sarah’s month long morning meditations this January got me on a path to meditating throughout the remainder of the year. It is not only transforming to meditate daily but listening to Sarah’s recordings again at a different time and under different circumstances brings new meaning to them.  I have grown more rapidly on a spiritual level with her meditations than at any other time in my life and I want to thank Sarah for sharing her gifts.  I down loaded them onto my phone and they are always with me.

Dr. Nancy

Atlanta, GA

At first, I was in resistance about the time allotment and overall commitment. The first couple of days I felt like it was a chore, then shortly thereafter I looked forward to the meditations every day. It is a beautiful gift to give yourself — for “you” to bless and love “you.”  It’s a spiritual re-boot to start your year in a special way. Upon completion, I felt it was such an accomplishment to stay focused, and to take care of myself in such an insightful way.

Nancy H.

Boulder, CO

Working with Sarah is an incredible journey into myself.  She continuously guides me to find my own wholeness.  Her ability to “see” intuitively gives presence a place to land in me so that I get more space to enjoy my life.  She does this so cleanly, clearly and lovingly that I can trust her when the intensity of her words shakes the preciousness of me to wake up.

At one point when we were working together she saw that I would “crash my work space”.  I knew what she was talking about, yet I was unwilling to take off needed time as the success of my business had quite a momentum.  I was fearful to let it go.  After a few times to help me get more spaciousness and leave my clients for a time, Sarah met me at this place and said something about my resistance and that was ok and she met me there!  I did eventually crash my work space which was an old pattern.  The big difference was I was laughing as much as I was crying.  Quite a big change!  Sarah does not hold back in what she sees, and yet she also can meet me where I am.  This is love.

Her meditations are a gift to the planet.  They are amazing and as I listen to them over and over, each time they are new because I am new.  This makes these meditations very cost effective!

I am grateful to Sarah for helping me be in the now, be present, for the present of me.

Prue Addy

Spokane, WA

Thank you Sarah for helping me to discover the magical mystery tour of my spiritual world.  You have helped me to unlock and wake up my unconscious parts and as a result I am living more from a place of love than fear………Thank you……”

Mark Bruskiewicz

Spokane, WA

Working with Sarah has profoundly shifted my life in significant and positive ways!  Over the past three years Sarah’s straight-shooting yet compassionate readings/spiritual coaching helped me to “wake-up” to the patterns I’ve created that have held me back, and then change them!  These alongside her powerful meditation classes have not only taught and empowered me to heal myself, but have better enabled me to heal others in my own line of work.  I have recommended friends and clients to her for years because she is simply the best at what she does!

N. F.

Boulder, CO

My work with Sarah has allowed me to find inner strength, clarity and purpose. As I continue on my life journey, I move forward with more certainty. Sarah’s coaching and meditations have been a guide into the deeper, more authentic aspects of myself. As I do my work, she holds space for my unfolding.

Corey Stiles

Brighton, CO

Since beginning therapy in 1993, I have dedicated my life to healing and spiritual growth.  During those years, I have worked with many wonderful and gifted practitioners from many modalities but not one has proven to be as gifted or as transformative in my life as Sarah Entrup.  In the four years that I have worked with Sarah, her unique blend of wisdom, insight and compassion along with her powerful healing skills have lead me from being a victim of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse to being a joy-filled, capable, healthy woman and a powerful healer and teacher in my own right.

Sue Lowen

Spokane, WA

I started my first thirty day meditation when I was separated and jobless. The meditation was a great experience. I was motivated to get up every day and participate in a incredible energetic experience with likeminded people. The size of the group drawn to this work was a new experience for me and I loved it. I would recommend this experience to anyone that was considering it and even those that are not. It can change your life and set up your entire year for success. I join the meditation every year.

Catherine Deger

At the beginning of 2012, I participated in Sarah’s 30 day meditation… It Rocked! I was more focused in general. I was able to sort out things i had been avoiding looking at for a long time. I learned to go deeper inside and find my truth. It carried on for months after the 30 days, in that i was in in a routine i enjoyed of meditating each morning. Profound changes have had a chance to come out and heal me gracefully. Sarah is a great guide to the inner rehelms of self! I am looking forward to doing it again this year!

Maura Rieman -

Longmont, CO

Sarah’s 30 day Meditation series was the perfect start to my New Year; giving me the ability to set my intention for each day in a focused and safe environment. It was an opportunity to sit still, be in my body and shift many aspects of my life within the container of Sarah’s support and the energy of others from around the world. Sarah weaved her knowledge and connection to the spirit world throughout each meditation with her soothing voice bringing me closer and closer to my wholeness. I am grateful and respect Sarah for providing me with such a unique and consistent mediation; unlike any I’ve experienced before.

Tabatha Simmonds

Boise, ID

When I first heard of Sarah Entrup’s 30-day New Year’s meditation, I readily admit that I was a bit skeptical. Not in a sense of totally dissing it yet coming from a sense of knowing and not-knowing about how this would help me in my life. Well, I am here to say that after doing my first 30-day New Year’s meditation with Sarah in 2011 my life hit transformational turbo boost. It was incredible. Some of Sarah’s concepts and ideas were a little different from mine yet they were not threatening to me nor did I ever take them that way. I felt a deep sense of healing, wholeness and unconditional love from these meditations. It felt so good that I came back and did it again in 2012, and from a much different place than in 2011. It was truly worth my time and effort to be a part of a circle of like-minded spiritual seekers and healers. If you are willing to take a risk, open your heart to the possibilities of deep healing, trust the process and believe, then I highly recommend giving Sarah’s 30-day New Year’s meditation a chance. It’s worth it.

Joe Rutland

Phoenix, AZ

I found the 30 day meditation to be exactly what I needed to jump start my new year. With intense stressors at work, I needed the structure every morning (and Alaska time it was 5am) to travel a path that was grounded, centered and connected to spirit. I have gone back from time to time and listened to the recordings. Thanks Sarah for offering this opportunity to all of us!

Bonnie Nichols

Director of Organizational Experience for Central Peninsula Hospital, Soldotna, Alaska

I have been working with Sarah for over 10 years. I have had private sessions, in person and on the phone, taken countless classes and enjoyed the 30 day meditation the past 3 years. Sarah is a wonderful teacher; her classes are fun, easy to follow and always a great adventure to a new part of yourself; private sessions are deep, validating and wonderfully healing.

What I admire the most about Sarah is her loving and kind nature, she is able to guide you in a safe, protected and loving way to the part of yourself you are unable to see.

Over the years of working with Sarah I have grown is so many ways, become so much more of myself and been able to be present in my own life. I have to give the credit to my teacher, without her guidance I am not sure how much of this journey I would have been able to make.

If you are looking for a way to find yourself and get some insight into why your life is not where you want or thought it would be, working with Sarah will guide your way. She is intuitive, kind, compassionate, funny and direct and will teach you how to have the life you want.

Stephanie Lauder

Sarah Entrup is a brilliant clairvoyant who is able to very quickly access and help you transform past life patterns that are in the way of having mental, emotional, and physical freedom.

I have worked with her myself and have recommended her to friends and family who have also had favorable results.

Dr. Toni Galardi -

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