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Let your sensitivity empower you.

Are you living a life of unneeded overwhelm & stress?

Do you often feel depressed, confused, or under-resourced?

What if you could be clear, grounded, certain of and connected to your wisdom?

What if you could be happy, in love, abundant, and healing yourself while healing others.

How would your life be different?

We are sensitive and beautiful souls. We are here to heal and help transform the planet, but if you do not have a clear structure, and tools to give your gifts, you could very well be drowning in them.   

Imagine being able to:

Heal yourself, and your core patterns and karma.

Feel empowered to help others in a mutually beneficial way.

Create abundance in your life.

Have total certainty in who you are and why you are here.

Have more impactful and loving relationships.

Feel more fulfilled in your life.

Be able to stay in your center no matter what.

Help transform the world!

This is a 6 month program that will help you turn your overwhelm and gifts of empathic sensitivity into CLAIRVOYANT VISION.

For 6 months, I will guide you to go within to find your own answers, increase your intuitive awareness, and sharpen your psychic abilities. You will learn how to clearly read energy.

This program is structured to be the best way for you to finally stop drowning in your gifts, for good, and use them to FULLY serve in the world!

Your guides for this journey are: Sarah Entrup and Paul Miller

I am Sarah Entrup, a clairvoyant and founder of FREE THE SHE™.

I am a natural born clairvoyant which means I was seeing energy as a young child. I spent my 20’s in serious study and apprenticeship with masterful energy workers, healers, and clairvoyants. I spent 4 years training and graduated from the Psychic Horizon Center in Boulder Co. I am an ordained minister with the church or Inner Light. My life’s work is helping you awaken and step more fully into your soul gifts to help transform the planet! I have given thousands of readings over the past 21 years. I teach large group meditation programs and lead transformational retreats all over the world. I live in Petaluma, California with my husband and two incredibly psychic kids!

I am Paul Miller. Made in the USA, 61 years ago.

But I have 100’s of lifetimes of information. In this lifetime I began meditation at 19. I was initiated into and practiced in two Sufi orders for over 25 years. I have trained and taught intuitive programs at the Inner Connection Institute in Denver Colorado from 2002-2014. Presently I am teaching privately in Denver and an advanced intuitive program in Boulder Colorado at Psychic Horizons. I am a lover of the heart and transformation!

Here are the details of the journey

You are sensitive and intuitive but you have not learned how to hone your gifts to serve at the level you really want to. Spend six months healing your life or spend 12 months healing your life and mastering the art of reading and healing other people.


The 6 month course begins February 19th, 2018

For the first eight weeks you will have a weekly class on Monday mornings from 9:00-10:30am PST. After the first eight weeks you will start reading other people’s energy. In addition to your weekly class you will be doing a group reading once a week. There are two different options to do your readings:

Tuesday evenings from 5-6:30pm PST   OR   Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30am PST

You can listen to the replay of the classes on your own time when you are not able to make the live call. However, you do need to be present for at least  3 readings a month.  

The classes and readings will be via Zoom, an online video conference. This format will provide a greater level of connection and ability to form lasting friendships.


Because the time is now to let your sensitivity and gifts empower you! You are ready to heal your life and give more fully in the world!


The exchange for this 6 month program is $2,000 or a payment plan of 5 payments of $410.


In this program you will:

  • Gain a clear structure on how to read and heal other people’s energy
  • Receive validation for your clairvoyance
  • Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a Spirit
  • Learn to attract the job, relationship and peace you’ve always wanted
  • Develop the confidence to trust and communicate what you see
  • Participate in a community of like-minded souls
  • Access the Akashic records
  • Heal yourself and others without giving away your energy
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Heal unwanted patterns and deep personal karma


Once a week you will journey into your inner landscape. You will gain tools and create pathways for your Soul’s information to come in. You will experience the sovereignty of your own energy field. Your awareness and intuition will be heightened. You will look at the deep underlying patterns of your life and learn to heal them. You will master working with energy and using your tools.  


Once a week you will learn to read and heal the energy of another person. Hands down, this is the QUICKEST way to heal yourself. When you give a healing, you get a healing. Your personal growth will increase at a phenomenal rate. Get ready for a whole new life! Reading other people is the key. You will need to do a minimum of two 2 readings a month, and four readings a month to become certified.


Your payment options for the Intuitive Development Program are

1 Payment of $2000

 5 Payments of $410

 12 Payments of $167

Get on the waitlist and be the first to register for the Intuitive Development Program in February 2018.

I am not going to kid you. Developing your intuitive gifts will change your life!

This program is for the person who has longed to go deeper, heal more, and give more in the world. If you want to help transform the planet, if you want to help awaken people to who they really are, then welcome. This course was created for you!

There is tremendous power in a sacred container. You will be held in a container of depth, connectivity, release, healing and inspiration.

How you may experience the container:
A sense of connectedness within yourself and your life
A sense of help and support- it will feel as if someone has your back
There will be greater ease in letting go.
You will have help navigating your blind spots.

Sarah destroys illusions, opens doors, and creates possibilities previously unimagined. She sees your highest potential even when you cannot. She is the warmest, funniest, most grounded, compassionate, embodied, no-nonsense, authentic teacher I’ve come across.  Sarah is a master manifester and magnetizer and she will teach you to be the same.

Alia Beeton

Multi-Disciplinary Performance Artist and Writer

If you are reading these words, Sarah Entrup has come into your life for a reason. I can’t even begin to express what her guidance, input and inspiration has meant in my life. Sarah will look into your heart and see your best self, the person you really want to be, and help you get there. Her light is brilliant; she is a gifted seer and healer. She is candid, humorous and down to earth. Let her help you shine your light brightly.

Heidi Russell

Sarah is a gifted intuitive who has helped me move through several difficult life passages. She has a profoundly unique point of view, and her readings are thought provoking and life-shifting. She is sensitive, intelligent, and uninhibited, and sparkles with energy. Working with Sarah was a mystical and deeply spiritual experience for me.

Dr. Greg Lowan

Sarah Entrup is one of the greatest coaches I know! She embodies the feminine goddess, elevates me to my greatest potential, and ‘sees’ me, the authentic me. My greatest cheerleader, mentor, and confidant!

Trina Rowsell

Life Coach

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