How to Heal Yourself


A 4-day course all about healing and supporting yourself!


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Calling all ladies that REALLY want to take their lives to the next level.

You are done waiting around for life to change. It’s time to make the shifts you need & want NOW!


You are sensitive, an empath, a healer, or an intuitive. You get easily overwhelmed by other peoples energy. You get thrown off your center. You long to feel grounded and capable in your body. You want to feel energized by the world instead of drained.

You know you have gifts, but you are not sure how to tap into them.


It is time to learn How to Heal Yourself!
Before you can help others you have to help yourself!
Join me for a 4-day prerecorded course dedicated to teaching you about healing and supporting yourself. You will learn the top five tools I use to keep myself clean and clear of energy, grounded into my core, and connected to my power and light!
This is a super fun class, each day you’ll dive into finding your levity, light, and joy again. Time to take your life to the next level!



Cost: $49 for the 4 recordings
Once you sign up you will receive 1 previously recorded class each day for 4 days that will teach you how to properly clear your space. Listen to these classes at your own pace & on your own time. 

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About Sarah

Sarah Elizabeth Entrup~SEE was super sensitive and overwhelmed as a child. When she was 19 years old a teacher helped guide her to understand her gifts as a clairvoyant. Sarah has spent the last 20 years of her life healing herself, honing her gifts, and helping thousands of people wake-up to who they truly are, so they can share their gifts with the world! Sarah is a spiritual teacher and guide into the inner terrain of who you truly are!

Hear more about what it’s like to work with Sarah:

“Sarah Entrup is one of the greatest coaches I know! She embodies the feminine goddess, elevates me to my greatest potential, and ‘sees’ me, the authentic me. She doesn’t put up with any BS and more importantly, she doesn’t let ME put up with my own BS. My greatest cheerleader, mentor, and confidant!”  Trina Rowsell –

“If you are reading these words, Sarah Entrup has come into your life for a reason. I can’t even begin to express what her guidance, input and inspiration has meant in my life. Sarah will look into your heart and see your best self, the person you really want to be, and help you get there. Her light is brilliant; she is a gifted seer and healer. She is candid, humorous and down to earth. Let her help you shine your light brightly.”  Heidi Russell –

This course does not replace any professional medical, emotional, or psychological care. We do not diagnose or cure. This course is an exploration into energy and spirit. To be able to get the most out of any course with Sarah you need a basic ground of health and well being. 

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