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Nothing replaces face to face, deep interaction with each other! Time to circle up! Time to meet your sisters!

Let us come together for a powerful 3 days of sisterhood, healing, evoking, dreaming, and awakening!

The first annual Free the She Transformational Retreat is a powerful sacred container where we will thin the veils between the physical and spiritual planes, to reach across the threshold in search of divine nuggets of wisdom and insight on how we can fully awaken and Free the She- for ourselves and all of humanity!

Now more than ever, we must realize that we all play a part in the awakening and transformation of humanity! In this time on the planet we will find our power and potency together in connection, collaboration, and sacred space!

We have entered into a  time of gathering and shifting through a unified field of consciousness. Enough of us have partially awoken on our own.

Now it is time to join forces and fully awaken to all of who we are, together.

Logistics of the Free the She Transformational Retreat

Who:  All women ready to deepen into sisterhood and the power of their feminine energy! You want a deep dive into the sacredness of who you are. You want ritual to thin the veils, and ground the power of your Soul into your everyday life! You want transformation.

When: August 3-6. We will begin at 6pm Thursday night and end on Sunday at 12pm PT. Doors will open at 4pm.

Where: The town of Elk on the Mendocino coast, CA. 2.5 hours north of the San Francisco International airport.

Why: You want sacred space away from the everyday to reclaim and redefine who you are and what your life is about! 

How Much: $850 for onsite camping, or $1150 to stay in the house.

Early bird discount until May 1- $650 for camping, or $950 to stay in the house.

Ritual, Power & Play

We are looking at around 100 ladies coming together to create a collective field of power and transformation.

This will be a weekend of peak experiences and deep transformation.

If you are ready to expand the threshold of your own reality to serve your life and all of humanity then please join us! We will be doing conscious dream circles, rituals, meditations, art making and communion time with mother ocean.

Stir the Cauldron

Please sign up ASAP.  It is important for the work we are doing to know as far ahead of time who is coming. We will start working together as soon as you commit! This is not just a weekend women’s retreat. This is a journey of your Soul! By saying yes to such a powerful event you are also saying yes to turning up the power in every way in your life!

This work is not for the faint of heart. And…You are ready! You would not be here if you weren’t! It is time! Be brave sister, be brave! Join us….

To prepare for this transformational journey Heather and Sarah will be offering a monthly call to drop in, let go, and find your deeper intention. The work happens before you ever arrive to the retreat. You will be faced with your own personal initiation as soon as you sign-up. These calls will prepare you and prime you, so you can go much deeper in our weekend together. Please bring your journal and basic art supplies to every call. These calls are included in the price of the retreat. All calls will be via conference call at 10am PT. All the details will be sent to you once you sign-up.

Call Dates and Topics:
April 19– Dropping into the abundance of your pussy! Money honey!
May 23– Sisterhood, the path to awakening!
June 20– Liberation is found in your pain! Be Brave sister!
July 18– Truth.


The town of Elk is the Mendocino Coast’s hidden jewel with one of the most photographed vistas along the entire coast.

Cuffey’s Cove Ranch is a historic coastal ranch, situated along two miles of this epic Californian coastline. With over a thousand acres of pristine meadows and forested land in a protected easement, brimming with natural habitat you will enjoy amazing walks and hikes through old redwood forests and wild meadows or head down to the ocean for some communing with Mama Ocean.
There is an early bird sign up price. Sign up before May 1st, 2017 for these specials. 

You have an option to share a beautiful house with 10 others or to camp on-site. For both, you will also be able to choose between paying in full or a three part payment plan.

Reserve your spot now! 

Early Bird

On-Site Camping
Pay in Full



Early Bird

On-Site Camping
Payment plan

3 payments of $225


Early Bird

Pay in Full



Early Bird

Payment plan

3 payments of $325


Sarah Entrup is a clairvoyant. She teaches women’s spirituality and empowerment. Sarah is extremely passionate about the untapped power of the feminine. It is her mission to help awaken millions of women around the world to their power and ability to transform this planet! Sarah is a space holder for this transformational retreat because she knows the power of coming together with our sisters in sacred space. With raw power, untamed humor, and reverent irreverence, this retreat is going to be WILD and deeply transformative! We will feed our Soul’s in a way that we have not in thousands of years!

Heather Bleasdell is an interdisciplinary artist and professional psychic who explores the power of the feminine through spirituality, art and pussy. A longtime practicing witch, Heather developed the FearLess Journal™ process to teach real-life magic through process-based art and psychic development. Heather received her MA in interdisciplinary Art from San Francisco State University and BA in English Literature from UCSB. She lives & loves in Petaluma, California with her family of all wild, creative bananas. Her current intention for 2017 is Soft – Never give up, always surrender.
Facebook: Heather Bleasdell Citizen Witch

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.”

– Alice Walker 

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