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Free the She membership is an ongoing program for women that want to develop a regular practice of clearing their energy, claiming their freedom, and manifesting powerful creations in the world.

Women who are free have the ability to create structures, rhythms, and ways of life that are generative, nourishing,
and in service to humanity.




  • Access to four live meditations each month 
  • Facebook group
  • Significant discounts on classes
  • A Sacred Container
  • Access to all previous membership meditations

Bonus Offerings from the Community:

  • Receive 1 yoga workout monthly, 30 minutes, in your inbox on Saturday morning 
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Weekly Meditations 

In the weekly meditations you will have a place to find your freedom by letting go, opening, receiving, clearing your energy field, stepping more powerfully into your feminine energy, and learning to generate aligned creations. Sarah will guide you in energy work, breath work, movement, witnessing, dancing, crying, laughing, healing.
Sarah uses her clairvoyance to read the energy of the group. Every meditation is different and custom designed for you and what you need.

Monthly Yoga Practice

The feminine is always moving. We find our connection to our feminine energy when we deeply feel and move our body. Enjoy the luxury of a 30-minute yoga practice delivered to your inbox once a month on Saturday morning. These yoga sequences will be nourishing, rejuvenating, expansive, and healing.


There is magic that happens within a community. What was not possible on your own can happen with ease and grace within community. This community will be a place for you to connect, shine your light, share your gifts, be supported, and be witnessed. You will form relationships that last a lifetime. There is an online Free the SheFacebook group for inspiration and support throughout the months, the weeks, and the days. I will show up here regularly. This is the place to receive gifts and spontaneous support from me and your community!

The Container

There is tremendous power in a sacred container. You will be held in a container of depth, connectivity, release, and inspiration. If you get on every call that is offered, or if you never listen to a single one, you will be held within the energy and safety net of a powerful container.

How you may experience the container even without actively participating:

  • A sense of connectedness within yourself and your life
  • A sense of access that you may not have in your “regular” life
  • A sense of help and support, it will feel as if someone has your back
  • There will be greater ease in letting go
  • You will find yourself more inspired and enjoying your life without trying

Logistics of the Free the She Membership

When you sign up you will receive the information to access the membership area on the website. If you cannot make a live meditation call, don’t worry. Everything is recorded and posted on the membership page. You will also have access to all past content!

Who: Woman, you are at a threshold in your life. You want more, you are clear there is a new space within you that you want to get to. But you are not sure how. Your desires are big, your dreams even bigger. You have a pretty amazing life but you know there is more, and you are ready to find it. You want to have it all, without losing your mind, or falling off a cliff of overwhelm. You want more support, more accountability, more feedback, more connection, and more sisterhood!

When: The meditations will be Mondays at 9am Pacific Time. 

Where: Online and teleconference.

Why:  Because it is time for every woman to live from her total freedom, and create in a beautifully aligned way, to help transform the planet!

How Much: $49/month

A Monthly Breakdown

We will be following the methodology of the Cycles of Creation. It is a balanced cycle in which there is time to rest, time to heal, time to get inspired, and time to create. If we follow the natural cycle of creation we will manifest in an extremely aligned, powerful, enlightened way. The membership is grounded into this Cycle of Creation. You will learn to identify where you are in your personal cycle and how to stay in alignment with it.


Running your feminine energy- We will spend the month focusing on basic tools. We will shift and clear our energy field and raise our vibration so we can clearly see what is next.

November, December, January 

Spaciousness- We will spend three months sitting in a place of great spaciousness. This is the place where magic and miracles start to move in our lives. We will slow down. We will let ourselves simply be and align with the universe. We will cultivate our female energy and sit in the power of our womb space.

This is a VERY potent place in the cycle of creation- my personal favorite!

February, March, April 

Healing- When you sit in spaciousness long enough, you start to see all the things in your life that no longer work for you. Over the next three months you will have the space to heal all those places. We will work with the energies of destruction, transformation, and healing. We will work with our own healing energy as well as our guides and healing masters. We will also work with some amazing psychic surgeon beings. You will step into relationship with your healing energy in a whole new way!

May, June, July 

Trust and Inspiration- When you heal what needs to be healed in your life, you will be a new person. You won’t really know who you are or what you want in your life anymore. We will spend the next three months investigating what truly turns you on. We will follow our pleasures and desires, and we will cultivate a practice of trust. This is a really fun and pleasurable time. This is a sensuous time of sex, pleasure, desire, being human- doing what you enjoy, what feels good.

August & September

Creation- When you cultivate pleasure and know what turns you on in life, inspiration will strike! You will know what you want to manifest in your life and in the world. We will spend the next three months helping you manifest your dreams into reality.

Sarah Entrup profileI am Sarah Elizabeth Entrup~SEE. I created this community because I want you to have a regular place to come and find your freedom as a woman! Since being pregnant with my daughter Amara, I have been clearly shown how my work would shift to women’s spirituality and empowerment. I am in love with helping women awaken their sacred power. It is the most beautiful and most easeful space I have found. The feminine was built in grace, and ease, and beauty, and magic. When we find this place within us, creation flows through us and we realize we possess the power to transform the planet!

I also feel a great urgency! We are the ones! The feminine is going to bring the planet back into balance and alignment. Once we are fully seated within our own power and freedom, once we fully know our own worth, we will manifest a new reality! I implore you to join me! For the sake of our children and children’s children, let us do EVERYTHING we can to make this world a better place!

It starts with YOU!

After working with 1000’s of people over the past 20 years, I clearly see that if we do not regularly practice staying awake and activating our Souls we will simply fall asleep. This is why I chose to create a membership community, so that you have a powerful container to return to again and again to be supported in community and find your freedom. This is a place to feel like you are a part of something, that you are connected and resourced on the deepest level. This will be the main program I run for the year. If you would like to stay connected with me this is the place to find me.

Love, Sarah Elizabeth Entrup~SEE

I reportedly began teaching yoga at age 3, often correcting my dad’s form during his smelly daily Ashtanga practice. One of the relentless imprints of my early memory is the smell of Ashtanga yoga sweat and strong Chinese herbs boiling away on the stove. I realize it could have been a lot worse… but wow. Just wow. Anyway, the practice and study of yoga has impacted and informed my life ever since. I was such a rebellious teenager that I would often cut Math class to go downtown and study with my favorite Hatha yoga teacher. I know… SO edgy, right?

Since being certified in the ISHTA tradition (Integral Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda) in 2003 and completing a Living Yoga Training at the Integral Yoga Ashram Yogaville in 2004, I have practiced and taught yoga classes to all ages and abilities in tandem with a varied career in the performing arts as a singer, actress, dancer and choreographer. I also have a little girl (who doesn’t bother to correct my form because I’m perfect and need no instruction… heheh, that’s a joke, people. I’m a straight up mess, and she takes great joy in correcting me at every opportunity.)

I’m so happy and honored to share my irreverently sacred (or sacredly irreverent?) living room yoga practice with our Free the She Community. The thing is, gals… yoga works. Even an imperfect 20 minute Oil-Stop version helps us inhabit our Selves more fully and freely. Whether you’re an experienced yogini looking for a touchstone of accountability and inspiration, a yoga-curious newbie, or a busy-ass mom just trying to fit some grounding and self-care into your day, every body is welcome in this space. Let’s get present, tune in and tune up, and work our shit out together!

Love, Alia Beeton

Her womb is bursting, she has been gestating for lifetimes.
She is focused and fully committed to her freedom!
And yet she is surrendered because she knows her freedom is her destiny.
She is soft, open and receptive.
Unyielding, yet fully trusting.
It is time….

Together we can transform the planet!

Wonder what it’s like to work with me?

Sarah destroys illusions, opens doors, and creates possibilities previously unimagined. She sees your highest potential even when you cannot. She is the warmest, funniest, most grounded, compassionate, embodied, no-nonsence, authentic teacher I’ve come across.

Her clairvoyance and communication with unseen realms is evident, but she remains totally accessible as a person and doesn’t make a big song and dance about the things I can’t necessarily wrap my head around. She integrates everything seamlessly in her communication and makes the path of transformation and growth totally possible for everyone. Change is inevitable in life- working with Sarah has made it a fascinating journey of self-discovery rather than a scary process of feeling untethered and uncertain.

I would recommend anyone who desires MORE- of anything, on any level- to do this work! Sarah is a master manifester and magnetizer and she will teach you to be the same.

And besides all that, she is quite simply one of the loveliest human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Alia Beeton

Trifecta Rockstar

Sarah Entrup is one of the greatest coaches I know! She embodies the feminine goddess, elevates me to my greatest potential, and ‘sees’ me, the authentic me. She doesn’t put up with any BS and more importantly, she doesn’t let ME put up with my own BS. My greatest cheerleader, mentor, and confidant! Trina Rowsel

Life Coach

I count the work and play that I have done with Sarah Entrup over the years to be some of the most transformative times of my life. If that sounds big and grand, it is because it is true! The lovely thing about working with Sarah is that her enthusiasm, humanity, and huge heart generosity make wildly large shifts in one’s life feel real, safe, and absolutely doable. She brings the miraculous into the field of reality for many people in her group work and in her private sessions. She is an absolutely trustworthy guide and teacher. Sarah sees spirit in a very special way and is always committed to the spirit in all things, the pleasure of the flowering of spirit in our daily lives. I have been blessed to have Sarah in my life, and know that I am more myself thanks to her gifts of magic. Beth Lorio

I’ve had the grand privilege to Play and Work under and within the masterful guidance of Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Entrup in so many different places and forms over the years. She led me, and a tribe of other Wild Women, dancing and sitting and soaring through the Costa Rican rain forest; she guided me, and an expedition of other spiritual explorers, through the vortices of Sedona to meditate and run our energy at the top of the world (if you want to fly high, she told me there, you have to go deep); she made me, and groups of other curious adventurers, pump the Fire Breath until the Fire Breath breathed new life into us (and again and again). Countless times, she’s grounded and guided and taught and held the space and held the space and held the space for both intimate and expansive explorations of endless facets of consciousness. She’s created communion in a virtual circle of women (who were located physically across the continent) so powerful and so real that we could reach out and touch the shoulders of the goddesses “sitting” next to us. Recently, I embarked upon my most dangerous and personal journey with Sarah (so far): an ongoing intensive one-on-one “life makeover” coaching relationship. Absolutely everything is on the table–family and relationship, health and nutrition, work and money—you name it, we go there. Informed by her innate wisdom and intuition, Sarah pushes me lovingly to my edge. While our sessions, on their own, are fulfilling, grounding, and entertaining, the most powerful work occurs in the space between. I have the courage and fortitude to do what I must do because I know without doubt that Sarah is behind and underneath and around me, holding me and my intentions energetically in a manner impossible to describe. It has been a profound period of transformation for me and I am most certainly not the same woman I was when we began. I trust Sarah beyond The Beyond and back. I am a new and improved human being thanks largely to our connection. Do yourself an enormous favor: experience who You are in the presence and influence of this most remarkable woman, Sarah Entrup. Holly LeMaster

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