As women, we are hard-wired for pleasure. It is our birth-right! Yet centuries of patriarchal conditioning have left us holding shame around receiving pleasure. We can be intimidated by merely the word itself! Maybe we feel we don’t deserve more pleasure, more enjoyment, or more love. We say we want more of these things, but do we really believe we deserve them? Instead of intuitively following our pleasure toward our greatest power and wisdom, we have been led down a path of overthinkingeffortingstrugglingworrying, and pleasing others before considering ourselves. We use these ineffectual means and methods to somehow try and manifest the life we want; to find love, to create internal and external abundance. Is it any wonder we come up short?!

Are you ready to start living from the truth, pleasure, and power of your feminine body?

Join Sarah in a 21-day commitment to your pleasure, enjoyment and opening as a woman.

All you need to do is receive

When you join, below, you will receive 21-Days of Pleasure, with one recording a day for three weeks.  This is a full-blown, feminine-based, 20-minute guided meditation practice, from Sarah directly to you.  In the meditations you’ll be guided to your deepest feminine essence, which means you will be barefooted and moving, dancing and breathing, radiating and gyrating. Do you really want to rock your life? Start by rocking your hips and pelvis — in this program you will learn how to cultivate and move powerful, passionate, erotic, and playful feminine energy. 

21-Days to Ease and Pleasure 

This is a feminine-based spiritual practice that validates the deepest and wisest parts of your womanhood. Sarah will be your guide, your high priestess, your manifestress extraordinaire. These meditations will help you hardwire pleasure into your system — for good. At the end of these three weeks, you will feel the power of your feminine essence coursing through all parts of your body and life, from the tips of your toes right through the crown of your head. Our collective amnesia is starting to wear off…And it’s time to remember and return to our feminine path of ease and pleasure! 


The Bonus 

In addition to the guided meditations, you will also have pleasure rituals to perform every day. These simple, sensual daily rituals will help you stay focused on your pleasure and your feminine essence, even in the midst of a busy life. 

Sarah has made this program easy yet powerful … because ease is our path! When we find our feminine essence, we become connected to our unlimited power, radiance, and magnetism. Enter your name and email address to receive 3 weeks of meditations in your inbox!


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