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Learn powerful tools to heal yourself and your life!

Free 21-day meditation series on stepping into your pleasure and power as a woman.

Do you want to help change the world? It is time to live from your purpose.
Work with Sarah one on one to manifest your purpose in the world!


Transforming the world by helping women create in alignment with their Soul!

I created a container where we might thin the veils between the physical and spiritual planes, to reach across the threshold in search of divine nuggets of wisdom and insight on how we can fully awaken and Free the She- for ourselves and all of humanity!

In this podcast we will share in meditation, conversation, healing, inspiration, and spaciousness.
Come here to reset, find your center, be inspired to create in a new way, and fully awaken the divine feminine within you!

I have worked with a lot of amazing healers and Sarah is one of the most powerful healers/psychics I have ever met! She has an honest, clear, no nonsense approach to getting to the root of the issue and guiding me through to the other side. I would recommend her work to anyone who is really ready to shift and transform. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life!


Liesel Rigsby

Ojai, California

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